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Game of War as we all know is a great game. Clearly thats how you feel about the game or you wouldn’t be here looking for Game of War cheats. But at the same time, Game of War isn’t perfect and thats another reason why you’re here. Game of War is a good game but its also a scam in a way based on how they try to make us pay for gold. You’re in need of gold for Game of War and you need your free gold now! If I’m correct and this is the case for you, continue reading as I’m going to show you guys how to get free gold for Game of War by using our Game of War cheats, the GameofWarUniverse way!

Game of War Cheats: Free Gold

Here at Game of War Universe, we have created our very own Game of War hack tool. This hack tool is a online program that is capable of giving out gold in Game of War for free. This is a working tool that we have spent a lot of time working on. The Game of War hack tool does not need to be downloaded or installed or anything like that. This is a online program that can be used directly on It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a computer, tablet, iPad, iPhone, android, or even a video gaming console  with internet capabilities, you can use our Game of War hack tool to get yourself some free gold. Never will we ask you to download a program or provide information that may harm your Game of War account.

game of war cheats help you avoid these prices

Avoid the high prices Game of War charge for Gold.

Why did we Create the Game of War Hack Tool?

This is a great question and I’m sure some of you are asking yourselves this as you think about why this website is trying to help you. What do we gain from helping other people get free gold in Game of War? Why are we trying to stop people from paying for gold in Game of War?

Well its quite simple really. The reason we are providing free access to our game of war cheats is because when you look at a Game of War commercial, its advertised as a free game. When you downloaded Game of War to your mobile device, you didn’t pay to download the game. This is because Game of War is supposed to be a free game. But wait, if Game of War is suppose to be free, why are they charging users for in game currency? Why are they charging us up to $99.99 (the cost of 26000 gold) to enjoy this game? They charge us $0 to download the game but want players to pay $99.99 for some in game gold? For $99.99, I could get myself some real gold, why would they want me to pay that for in game currency? That’s crazy and that’s something we wont support here at Game of War Universe. We won’t stand for that and that’s why we are standing against it and providing everyone who comes to this site the opportunity to get free gold by using our free Game of War cheats.

Machine Zone, the creators of Game of War are able to create tons of commercials and even got themselves a Super Bowl ad due to them making a ton of money from people buying gold. We think its time for the little guy to win and not the big corporation. Get yourself some free gold!

Got Proof of the Game of War Hack Working?


Even though we don’t require you guys  to download anything to use our Game of War cheats, some may still be a bit skeptical and want to see proof of Game of War hack tool really helping someone get free gold. No worries though, we’d be the same way and its the best way to be, especially with many people trying to pull a fast one on an unsuspecting user. Our Game of War cheats do NOT require you to download anything nor will we ever ask for sensitive information such as a password. You are 100% safe with us in regards to your account safety and computer/phone safety, no worries! Here’s what our Game of War Hack Tool looks like:


The current version of the Game of War Hack Tool

Game of War cheats us players out of real cash everyday, its time we fight back. By using our Game of War hack tool, you can make your Game of War gold count look like this:

Game of War Resources Count

Game of War Resources Count

Game of War is an example of a “freemium” game. What a freemium game is is a that’s free to download, but at the same time is a premium game as they require you to use your real cash to pay for upgrades and in app purchases such as gold in Game of War. Games like this are notorious for racking up a ton of charges to the user. Especially for kids who don’t understand that this fun game is actually charging you to play. Young and naive people will make many gold purchases without realizing what it is that they’re doing or being charged. We hope that with our free game of war cheats, users wont have to pay for gold any longer and we can take steps to eliminating the “freemium” model from our app stores. We hope you support what we’re trying to achieve.

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